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Portivechju in Musica cù Arapà

Portivechju in Musica, 2nd edition, takes place every Wednesday in September. Come and enjoy some live music to the rhythms of the island's sounds and voices! Free concerts offered by the Porto-Vecchio Intercommunal Tourist Office.

2nd meeting with ARAPÀ!

Arapà is a hill in the far south of Corsica on which the memory of man is incarnated. It is also the meeting of complementary voices and musical identities within a group initially formed by Don Mathieu Santini, Jacques Culioli and Jean-Charles Papi, then joined by Sébastien Tramoni and François Mozziconacci. The artists take the public on a journey through sensitivity, imagination, memory and collective commitment.

Arapà's latest opus (2021), made up of 12 creations, denounces an anarchic development model that continues to destroy the landscapes and pillars of our collective memory, at a time when the founding pages and powerful symbols of the world we have lived in are being turned. In a complex international context where crises are multiplying and shaking the planet, this album is also an ode to poetry, dreams and travel. This is experienced through the love of a woman, the love of a flame, in the evanescence and permanence that characterise it, from the fragility of its early childhood to the magic it distils in our dreams, to its sacred dimensions, those of the Earth-Sea, of Mother Earth, the absolute metaphor for our cradle-island.

Free of charge.

September 2023


Place de la République


Wednesday 13 September 2023 at 9pm.

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