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the most beautiful of seasons


The beautiful days are here! The days are getting longer and we want to make the most of them!

What more beautiful season than spring! The time when we open our windows to let in the sunshine and the fresh morning air... 

The one where, at the end of the day, you don't want to go home and enjoy the last rays on your face, sipping a drink on a café terrace. 

The season

Spring in Corsica is a symphony of colours and mildness. The temperatures are mild and the days sunny. It's the perfect time to explore the fragrant paths, bask on the unspoilt beaches and feast on the fresh produce of Corsican cuisine.

On average :

21 degrees on average

17 degrees on average

5 days of rain on average

good to know

If you're going hiking, it's best to do it in the morning, when the dew hangs in the air and the light touches the canopy of the flora. Bathed in a gentle coolness, you'll feel a special, almost magical atmosphere...

For a soothing sensation or a romantic moment, head out onto the sand or water in the late afternoon, when the setting light skims the sparkling sea and gives the rock a bewitching shade of orangey pink...


Birdsong once again titillates our ears, the landscapes take on a thousand hues and the scents of flowers are revealed...

Renewal is here! We emerge from our winter cocoon with only one desire: to awaken our senses and go for a stroll, on foot or by bike, through the flowering maquis.

All the smells and colours come together: the delicate pink of cistus, the bright yellow of broom, the nonchalant purple of wild lavender, thistle and cyclamen... Nature in turmoil, cradled by the loving song of the Corsican nuthatch!

And there's nothing like being accompanied by a mountain guide to tell you what your eyes are discovering... 

listen to the song of the corsican nuthatch


It may still be a little early for a swim for those who are a little chilly, but it's the perfect time to get on board!

The crystal-clear waters of our beaches aren't just for summer! Stretch your muscles and paddle around in a canoe or with your feet firmly planted on a paddle, a moment of intimacy and freedom reserved for you in an idyllic setting.

Discovering the coastline from the sea is always a moving experience... Escape from the Gulf of Portivechju and enter the Bouches de Bonifacio Nature Reserve, where beaches, coves, protected islands, wild coasts overflowing with scrubland or reddish rock disappearing into the sea are all part of your excursion... Prepare your eyes for a succession of masterpieces... 

an absolute must!

The days are getting longer

make the most of it!

June 2024

Fête de la musique à Portivechju

Traditional festival

June 2024

Journées du Patrimoine de Pays et des Moulins

Guided and/or commented tour

June 2024

Fête de la musique à Bonifacio

Traditional festival

June 2024

Fête de la musique à Lecci

Traditional festival

June 2024

Fête de la musique à Figari

Traditional festival
Festivals and events

We invite you to a total immersion...

Discover the delights of the island as you stroll through the market in the mild temperatures. Immerse yourself in a warm and festive atmosphere, with a variety of events including shows, festivals, gastronomic evenings and polyphonic concerts.




Discover the most beautiful walks in the south of Corsica, near Porto-Vecchio. Whether you're with family or friends, an outdoor sports enthusiast or a heritage lover, our itineraries will meet all your expectations...
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Built heritage


Explore the rich history of the Porto-Vecchio region. This land of mystery is packed with archaeological sites, historical remains and museums that will take you back through the fascinating eras of the Isle of Beauty...
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In the south of Corsica, markets abound throughout the week. Whatever the day, you'll always find a lively market where you can meet the region's local producers and craftspeople...
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the restaurants


Looking for a top table for a romantic dinner or casual lunch?
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