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A charming village between Porto-Vecchio and Figari

Welcome to Sotta, a pretty village typical of southern Corsica between Porto-Vecchio and Figari. Known for its picturesque atmosphere, Sotta is notable for its rich architectural heritage and its large number of hamlets. It is thus a singular Corsican commune with no less than 32 hamlets with evocative names such as Chera, Cancaraccia, Petralonga, Salva di Levu, Aquadilici, Scaledda, Purgu and many others.

A remarkable architectural heritage

Among the architectural treasures of Sotta, the hamlet of Chera offers a splendid example of southern Corsican architecture. A magnificent shelter under the rock, known as Orriu, is hidden here. These enormous rocks, sculpted by erosion, once served as a stopover for shepherds during their seasonal transhumance.
The municipality also houses several prehistoric remains, including the archaeological site of Tappa, which bears witness to a rich history.
Sotta is brimming with chapels of great historical value, such as San Martinu, located in the Sotta cemetery, the ruins of Sant’Agostino de Chera, and Santa-Ursula in Petralonga Filippi, considered the twin of San Quilicu de Montilati.
Here, towards the Castello Point, stood the castle of the despotic lord, Orso Alamanno. His power extended over the entire plain known as Fretu during the Middle Ages… After the tyrant's assassination, the castle was set ablaze by villagers celebrating their liberation!
Despite what the critics might say, the old buildings of the village will also unveil places for culinary breaks, such as farmhouse inns.

Celebrate their patron saint San Martinu with the Sottais

November 11th, Sotta famous its patron saint, San Martinu in an atmosphere festive and convivial. This date is closely linked to the traditional autumn festivities and the calendar of ancestral practices of the region's rural and pastoral societies. This day is a time for the people of Sotta and visitors to come together. Take advantage of this opportunity to stroll through the picturesque surroundings of Sotta and discover the natural beauty that surrounds it. We invite you to immerse yourself in the authenticity of this Corsican village: hamlets with character, a remarkable architectural heritage and local festivities steeped in tradition. Visit unique experience awaits you in this little corner of paradise in the heart of Corsica.

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