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Monacia d'Aullène

a timeless place

Welcome to Monacia d'Aullène, a charming village typical of southern Corsica, which also belongs to the former trap of Freto. Immerse yourself in the history of this locality, which evolved from a simple hamlet of Aullène, in Alta Rocca, to become an independent village in 1864, hence its current name, Monacia d'Aullène.

The charm of villages of yesteryear

Discover the soul of the village through its rich heritage and hidden treasures. In the 18th century, a small chapel dedicated to Santa Mònica was built here, in keeping with the village's place name. Monacia, a deformation of "a monacchia", refers to a small monastery that no longer exists, dating back to the 13th or 14th century. In the heart of the village, a rectangular space, carefully preserved since the 18th and 19th centuries, bears witness to the village's mysterious past, associated with the tombs of monks and the burning of heretics. 

The village of Monacia d'Aullène is bursting with heritage treasures that bear witness to a bygone era. The recently restored wells, wash-houses and bread ovens will transport you back to a bygone era. Before venturing out into the surrounding green countryside, make sure you don't miss these relics steeped in history. Monacia d'Aullène also offers superb walks and sensational places to explore, making this destination a paradise for nature lovers.

The Olmeto tower and Roccapina: witnesses to the past

The tour d'Olmeto, dating from the 16th century, is one of the Genoese towers that protected the island from barbarian incursions. This circular tower, solidly anchored on huge granite blocks, offers a remarkable view of the village of Monacia d'Aullène and the Omu di Cagna. From this vantage point, contemplate the splendour of the jagged coastline, heavenly beaches and small sheltered coves. This site offers a taste of the wild beauty of the region.

A little further on, an unforgettable hike awaits you, the one that takes you to the Lion of Roccapina, a natural sculpture in the shape of a reclining lion, overlooking the Mediterranean. This icon, shaped by erosion, watches over the bay of Erbaju and offers a breathtaking spectacle. Nearby is the sublime wild beach of Roccapina, with its turquoise waters and fine sand. Don't miss this visit, especially at sunset, for an unforgettable experience.


This former roadhouse offers an unexpected, interesting and mysterious exhibition where history, legends and science come together. An audio guide is available free of charge to tell you the story of the site, the people who lived there, the ships that ran aground and their hidden treasures.

Hiking and Discovery Trails

If you love hiking, Monacia d'Aullène is the place for you. The heritage trail, i Stritoni. This is a spectacular experience, with its rocks and natural caves. Let yourself be guided to the orii, troglodyte dwellings that have survived the centuries, and discover the mills once used by the village's farmers. This walk will immerse you in the history and exceptional heritage of this village.

For sports and adventure enthusiasts, don't miss the captivating hiking trail that starts near the hamlet of Gianucciu and takes you to the Omu di Cagna. This route winds its way between fascinating rocky chaos, offering you a unique mineral experience. Although this summit is not very high, at 1,218 metres, it does require a good level of fitness to reach. From this highest point, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the whole of the Far South, from the Ortolo to the Gulf of Valinco. According to legend, the Omu di Cagna and the lion of Roccapina watched over the land together, each keeping an eye on the sea and the mountains.

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