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Culture and heritage

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Explorez la riche histoire de la région de Porto-Vecchio.

Cette terre chargée de mystère regorge de sites archéologiques, de vestiges historiques et de musées qui vous transporteront à travers les époques fascinantes de l’île de Beauté.

Immerse yourself in the prehistoric history of the torreans. These fortified buildings stand majestically in the Corsican landscape. Admire these stone towers, true witnesses to the past and the ingenuity of their builders. Explore these Torrean sites that were home to thriving communities, offering a valuable insight into the lives of our ancestors.

Over the centuries, the region has also been marked by Genoese influence, as witnessed by our citadels or the imposing Genoese towers scattered along the coastline. These defensive structures, built to protect the region from sea invasions, tell stories of courage and resilience. Stroll through these fascinating remains, admire the panoramic sea views and imagine the turbulent life of the time.

For an even deeper dive into the past, visit the Alta Rocca Archaeological Museum. This captivating site is home to a valuable collection of artefacts and archaeological finds from all over the region. Exhibitions highlight the history of the civilisations that flourished here.

The region's more recent past is also celebrated at the Museum of the Resistance in Zonza. Discover the heroism and struggle of the Corsican people against the occupation during the Second World War. Immerse yourself in the moving stories of the Resistance and admire the objects, photographs and documents that bear witness to the courage of the Resistance fighters.

Whether you're an archaeology enthusiast, a history buff or simply curious and keen to discover new things, here you'll find detailed information on the various sites, museum opening times and practical advice on organising your visit.

May this adventure inspire you and transport you through the fascinating eras that have shaped our region.

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