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And the sweetness of autumn begins

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Indian summer is here!

As the leaves turn shimmering colours and the temperatures drop from summer's extremes, the arrival of indolent autumn proves to be an ideal time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of summer the privileged season to discover our region at your own pace.

The summer crowds are gone and Portivechju is back to its peaceful roots. It's so pleasant to wander through the picturesque streets of the Genoese citadel. Let yourself get lost and discover little nuggets frozen in the past. If you're short of explanations, the free application A Spassu will tell you its stories, its History...

The Indian summer that this season offers opens the door to so many possibilities... Enjoy the vast stretches of almost deserted white sand, bask in the sound of the waves and let yourself be carried away by the serene atmosphere that surrounds you. Explore the surrounding villages and hamlets and be surprised by their hidden treasures. Stroll through the Ospedale forest and rest on a rock facing the dam, where a thousand and one colours are reflected...

The season

Autumn in Corsica offers a blend of Mediterranean mildness and shimmering colours. Temperatures are pleasant and rain is scattered. It's an ideal season for exploring our region, taking advantage of the hiking trails and savouring the autumnal flavours of Corsican gastronomy.

16 degrees on average

18 degrees on average

13 days of rain on average

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There are many advantages to taking a holiday in Porto-Vecchio in autumn. Here are a few ideas of what could make your stay even more special


Far from the pumpkin of Halloween, the autumn season is a commemoration of the sacred and of our history.

Even if, for the past few years, the American festival of Halloween has been creeping into the houses and alleys of Corsica, to the delight of children dressed up in costumes and looking for a spell or a sweet, Corsica is attached to its own traditions that go beyond religion...

November 1st and 2nd are first and foremost a time for families to get together to celebrate the saints and commemorate the memory of loved ones who have died. The cemeteries are lit up by the flames of the candles scattered around the tombs... But it's also a time for charity and sharing, and as you pass by the church square on the evening of 1 November, you're bound to catch a whiff of roasted chestnuts. This is when the bread of the dead is prepared, a kind of brioche bread topped with walnuts and sultanas. You'll find this little marvel in every bakery in town.

November 11th is the celebration of San Martinu, patron saint of winegrowers and of many villages in Corsica, including Sotta... For 3 days, the village is at the heart of its traditions, with a torchlit procession and the sharing of a glass of friendship, a village ball featuring the throats of island singers, and the showcasing of know-how with the mercatu craftsmen and producers...

This month of November, rich in history, comes to a close on 30 November with San Andria, which celebrates the transition from autumn to winter and the sharing of food before the onset of severe weather. The patron saint of the village of Lecci, the children, their faces painted with charcoal and wearing old clothes, go out and sing a pricantulaThen there's the traditional torchlight procession, followed by a festive evening in the town's gardens. Rest assured, today it's sweets they're begging for... Then comes the traditional torchlight procession, followed by a festive evening in the town hall gardens. 

November is all about sharing and solidarity... 

Tradition, sharing and solidarity


Summer is drawing to a close, local produce is changing and gastronomy is coming into harmony...

Take advantage of autumn to discover traditional dishes made with seasonal produce: mushrooms, chestnuts and clementines add a touch of the moment...

After the sun and the rain, we're getting out our little baskets and heading for the undergrowth in search of porcini mushrooms, oronges, chanterelles, boletes, etc... Gourmets will understand, we're already salivating just imagining the lovely pan-fried meat that awaits us!

The autumn is the time to start collecting chestnuts. In the old days, the whole village community got together to harvest the chestnuts one by one, either by hand or with the help of a pitchfork, before they underwent a long drying process and were ground into flour by stone millstones... Nowadays, chestnuts can be found crushed in certain dishes or cooked over a wood fire in our homes, but it is in the form of flour that they are most commonly used, in particular the traditional pulenta, but also in the form of flan, pastries, pancakes and even pancakes! 

This is the season for clementines ! so keep your eyes peeled for the little roadside displays of clementine fillets. With its long green leaves and guaranteed seedless, the Corsican clementine is a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) vitamin C cure that will put you in a good mood!


June 2024

Concert polyphonique avec I Campagnoli


June 2024

Concert polyphonique avec le Choeur d’Hommes de Sartène


June 2024

Fête de la musique à Lecci

Traditional festival

June 2024

Fête de la musique à Portivechju

Traditional festival

June 2024

Journées du Patrimoine de Pays et des Moulins

Guided and/or commented tour
Festivals and events

The Sant'Andria nursery rhyme A PRICANTULA

"Apriti! Apriti!
in Sant'Andria
Chì vene da longa via
Hà i pedi cunghjilati
è hà bisognu di ricaldassi
With a good bichjeru di vinu". 

"Open the door! Open the door!
In Sant'Andria
Who comes from afar
Who has frozen feet
And needs to warm up
A good glass of wine

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