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I can't wait for the change of scenery, the warm sand, the laughter and the festivities!

The season we've been looking forward to is finally here! Relaxation is the name of the game! It's the perfect time to get away from it all and splash around in the crystal-clear waters that contrast with the sparkling sands of our beaches. 

Get ready for lots of laughter! From the children who are happy to splash you, to the girlfriend who laughs at seeing her lover puff out his chest Aldo Maccione-style, to the gang of friends who are laughing their heads off at being shaken in a towed buoy... carefree fun is guaranteed!

And then there's the sea air... What a pleasure it is to enjoy a refreshing ice cream on the warm sand, to sit on the shady terrace of a gourmet paillotte, or to toast an aperitif... nustrali while dancing with your feet in the sand to the sound of live guitar and song!

The season

Summer in Corsica is an explosion of sunshine and heat. Temperatures are high and the days are sunny. It's the perfect season to enjoy long evenings, lively festivals and Corsican summer cuisine.

28 degrees on average

26 degrees on average

3 days of rain per month on average

good to know

There's no denying that Portivechju is a busy place in summer and that parking spaces can sometimes be hard to find... Don't panic, it's summer and there's plenty of transport on offer!

The beach, the mountains, the villages, the port, the upper town, the airport - there's a solution for every destination: regular bus services, beach shuttles, A Citadina, A Berlina, taxis, etc... to meet your needs!

And last but not least, by taking this eco-responsible step, you're limiting your impact on the environment!



If you're thirsty for adventure, freshness and the wow factor, there are some incredible moments waiting for you at the seaside or in the mountains!

Dive into the deep waters of the sea Tyrrhenian Sea or challenge its waves with thrilling water sports such as windsurfing, wakeboarding, monoskiing, jet-skiing and so many other adrenalin-fuelled experiences! 

You can also take to the skies and explore the discovering our massifs with its wild and grandiose panoramas! Want to push your limits a little further? Outdoor activities are at your fingertips: hang on to the rope of your zip line, climb steep rocks or slide down the canyons polished by the intensity of the rivers. Memorable moments are ready to be engraved!

Dive into the Corsican adventure


You can't think summer without thinking festivities!

The summer solstice opens the ball of entertainment and plunges us into the heart of Corsican culture. From polyphonic singing to more modern sounds, balls in village squares, open-air concerts in churches or restaurants, or DJ evenings in bars and nightclubs offer a festive and magical atmosphere. 

These are the moments when locals and holidaymakers come together to share warm moments under the banner of tradition You won't want to miss the Saint John's bonfire, the Porto-Vecchi festival of Luddareddu or the fireworks display on 15 August! 

And, this summer, as you seek to share your passion and authenticity, you're sure to find the following on your route a market or a craft fair showcasing local skills and discovering the gourmet flavours of our region... 

a must-do

Take home some memories



June 2024

Concert polyphonique avec I Campagnoli


June 2024

Concert polyphonique avec le Choeur d’Hommes de Sartène


June 2024

Fête de la musique à Lecci

Traditional festival

June 2024

Fête de la musique à Portivechju

Traditional festival

June 2024

Journées du Patrimoine de Pays et des Moulins

Guided and/or commented tour
Festivals and events

We invite you to a total immersion...

Vibrate to the rhythm of spellbinding melodies at open-air concerts, get carried away by the excitement of festivals that bring together artists and enthusiasts, and discover a multitude of activities for all the family. Whether you're a music lover or simply looking for a magical moment, Porto-Vecchio offers you an unforgettable summer full of emotions and discoveries.


The beaches


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Discover the most beautiful walks in the south of Corsica, near Porto-Vecchio. Whether you're with family or friends, an outdoor sports enthusiast or a heritage lover, our itineraries will meet all your expectations...
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The diary

Throughout the year, the Portivechju region is alive with events.
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Bus transport

Travelling by bus?

Here are the bus and shuttle timetables from Porto-Vecchio
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