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Useful links

To complete your stay in southern Corsica, the Porto-Vecchio Tourist Office offers a list of useful links: transport, local authorities, culture, tourism, environment, etc.

Portivechju marinas and commercial harbours

Official website of the Portivechju marina and fishing port: marina.portivechju.corsica

Reserve a berth in the marina :

Official website of the commercial port of Portivechju : www.2a.cci.fr/Port_de_Porto_Vecchio.html

Figari Sud Corse Airport

Official website of Figari Sud Corse airport :

Corsica Tourism Agency

Official website of the A.T.C. :

Riserva Naturale di i Bucchi di Bunifaziu

Official website of the Bouches de Bonifacio Nature Reserve :

Parcu di Corsica

Official website of the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse :

National Federation of Tourist Offices

Official ADN Tourism website:

Corsican Agency for Sustainable Development, Urban Planning and Energy

Official website of the AUE Corse :

Culture and heritage

Office website of the Portivechju multimedia library : www.portivechju.corsica/animu

Cinémathèque de Corse - Casa di Lume
Official website of the Cinémathèque de Corse : www.casadilume.corsica

I Baroni
Associu I Baroni Facebook page: @associuibaroni

Compagni I Chjachjaroni
Official website of I Chjachjaroni : ichjachjaroni.com

Portivechju di Tandu
Official website of Portivechju di Tandu : portivechju-di-tandu.com

Associu Fretu Antique
Associu Fretu Antinu Facebook page: @AFA Associu Fretu Anticu

The Collectivité de Corse's heritage policy
Official website of the Collective of Corsica : www.isula.corsica/patrimoine

Cultural policy of the Collectivité de Corse (Corsican regional authorities)
Official website of the Collective of Corsica : www.isula.corsica/culture

Direzzione Lingua Corsa
Official website of the Corsican Language Directorate : www.isula.corsica/linguacorsa

Pass cultura
Find out more about the Pass-Culture : www.passcultura.corsica

Gusti di Corsica
Official website for agricultural production in Corsica : www.gustidicorsica.com


Official website of the Corsican Transport Office : otc.corsica


Official website of Corsica Ferries : www.corsica-ferries.fr

Official website of Corsica Linea : www.corsicalinea.com

Official website of Ichnusa Lines : ichnusalines.com/en

Official website of La Méridionale : www.lameridionale.fr

Official website of Mobylines : www.mobylines.fr

Official Air Corsica website: www.aircorsica.com

Official Air France website: www.airfrance.fr

Official website of British Airways : www.britishairways.com

Official website of Brussels Airlines : www.brusselsairlines.com

Official website of Easy Jet : www.easyjet.com

Hop! official website : www.hop.com

Official website of Luxair : www.luxair.lu

Official website of Ryanair : www.ryanair.com

Official website of Swiss : www.swiss.com

Official website of Volotea : www.volotea.com

Official website of Corsica Linea : www.train-corse.com


Associations and partner sites

Official website of the Paul-Toussaint des Mots pour le Dire association:

Paradisu official website (our photo partner) :

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