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Bonifacio's reputation as a "picturesque capital", as the writer Antoine Pasquin brilliantly remarked, sums up in a few words the intense sensations and unforgettable memories that this exceptional town, nicknamed the "City of Cliffs", provides. With its ancestral fortress, its narrow streets winding around a limestone peninsula where houses perched on the cliffside loom on the horizon, and its 120 kilometres of striking coastline in the heart of the Bouches de Bonifacio Nature Reserve, Bonifacio is a destination that satisfies every curiosity and awakens every sense.

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Walks around Bonifacio


Discover the most beautiful walks in the south of Corsica, close to...
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Discover the fascinating history of Bonifacio, a Corsican town steeped in prehistoric, Italian and French influences. Around 7,000 years ago, prehistoric settlements were already present in this region, as attested by the discovery of the skeleton of "the lady of Bonifacio". Over the centuries, Bonifacio has been the scene of conflicts between Italian lords, the Moors and the powerful cities of Pisa and Genoa. Prolonged sieges and devastating epidemics, such as the plague in 1528, have left their mark on the town's history. Despite the economic upheavals caused by phylloxera and war, Bonifacio has found a new lease of life thanks to tourism. Today, this historic town attracts thousands of visitors every year, making it Corsica's most popular tourist destination.

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Walk around the port - the marina : Bonifacio is reached via the port. This is where your first impression is made... and it's a good one! From the top of its promontory, the town stands proudly. Surrounded by its ramparts, it appears impregnable and full of mystery.

Explore the narrow streets of the old town : The upper part of the town is full of charm, with its narrow cobbled streets. It's easy to get carried away by a stroll that can lead you astray, while admiring the elegant facades of the typical Bonifacio houses. Above all, you'll be constantly surprised by unexpected openings offering magnificent views of the sea.

The King of Aragon's Staircase : It's a must-see when you visit Bonifacio! Both unusual and impressive, this place is well worth the diversions. You'll have to climb down 187 steps carved out of the rock to get straight from the old town to the sea. It's a unique and memorable experience.

Discover Bonifacio by boat : The true beauty of Bonifacio is best revealed from the sea! Several companies offer boat trips to admire the panoramic view of the town perched on the limestone cliffs and to explore some of the sea caves. It would be a real shame to visit Bonifacio without taking part in this excursion. From the sea, the town looks even more magical and unreal!

The Lavezzi Islands : If you're staying in Bonifacio for more than a day, don't miss the excursion to the Lavezzi Islands! This archipelago, made up of around a hundred islets and classified as a nature reserve, is sure to charm you. Its crystal-clear waters of changing colours, from azure to emerald, contrast magnificently with the grey of the rocks. The whole effect is reminiscent of the bewitching atmosphere of the Seychelles. It's a real feast for the eyes and a paradise for swimmers, divers and snorkellers... By choosing to visit the Lavezzi Islands, you are making a commitment to preserving this archipelago of exceptional beauty and fragile ecosystem. And all it requires of us is a few simple gestures: stay on the marked paths, bring back your rubbish, use natural mineral sun cream, admire the marine animals without disturbing them, and avoid feeding the fish. Even if they are far too cute!

The beaches of Bonifacio : Visiting Bonifacio also means discovering its superb beaches! Spérone, Piantarella, Paragan, ...

A walk along the coastal path : From the Col St Roch, a picturesque path leads along the cliffs to Cap de Pertusato, offering magnificent views of the sea, the cliffs and the town. Just an hour's walk will take you to the Plage des 3 Pointes, then another hour to Cap de Pertusato. This is a truly splendid walk in Bonifacio, with easy access and exceptional views. Don't miss this opportunity to marvel!

Our tip: To get the most out of this hike, we recommend going early in the morning to avoid the heat, as there is no shade on the trail. What's more, you'll be able to capture some magnificent photos, as the afternoon light will be against the light.


Visiting Bonifacio from the sea


The true beauty of Bonifacio can be discovered from the sea...
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June 2024

Journées Européennes de l’Archéologie – Découverte du Piale

Guided and/or commented tour

June 2024

Concert polyphonique avec I Campagnoli


June 2024

Fête de la musique à Bonifacio

Traditional festival

August 2024

Concert Arapà : Une Odyssée Musicale Corse


July 2024


August 2024

Concert live Chez Ange

Dance evening

July 2024


August 2024

Marché des producteurs au camping Rondinara


Festilume, the festival of ephemeral lights.

Discover Festi Lumi, Bonifacio's festival of ephemeral lights that magnifies the town's heritage. Over the course of several evenings, the Upper Town and the Navy will be illuminated in a spellbinding show thanks to the digital technologies of the future. Festi Lumi transports visitors into a captivating mix of different worlds, where light displays, sound performances and the enchantment of ephemeral shows create a magical atmosphere. For almost a decade, the commune of Bonifacio has been offering this daring universe during Festi Lumi, sublimating the city's historic sites for enchanted evenings.

To the usu bonifazincu

To taste : aubergines à la bonifacienne

Discover the traditional recipe for aubergines à la Bonifacienne, a culinary speciality emblematic of Bonifacio. Slices of aubergine are baked au gratin with a tasty tomato sauce and Corsican cheese, usually sheep's milk tomme. The result is a comforting, flavoursome dish that captures the essence of Corsican cuisine. Aubergines à la Bonifacienne are often served with grilled meats or as a main course with a green salad. Don't hesitate to try this simple and delicious recipe for a culinary trip to Corsica.

How do I get there?

To get to Bonifacio, you can fly to Figari-Sud Corse airport or take a ferry to the port of Porto-Vecchio.

You can also take a ferry from Santa Terasa in Sardinia.

Don't hesitate to contact the Tourist Office for information on tourist attractions, local events, accommodation and any other information you may need to plan your visit to Bonifacio.

Bonifacio, victim of its own success?

Bonifacio is a popular destination, so it's advisable to plan your visit in advance, especially during peak tourist periods. Find out about the opening times of tourist sites, boat trips and activities to help you plan your stay.

Avoid rush hour

To make the most of your visit to Bonifacio, try to plan your visits for the least crowded times. Mornings and late afternoons are generally less crowded, so you can make the most of the sights without the crowds.

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