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A jewel in the crown of Southern Corsica

Discover Figari, a little gem in the south of Corsica, between Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio.

This charming village has everything you could wish for.

From the shores of the west to the majestic peaks of the Cagna from the north-west, Figari is surrounded by a vast, rugged granite plateau, stretching south-east from Montilati to the Col de Scopetto.

Like its neighbour Sotta, Figari is made up of a variety of hamlets, including Tivareddu, the closest to the Umo di Cagna, Tarabucetta, Poggiale and Ogliastrello. In all, 14 hamlets will reveal themselves to you...

The municipality has a international airport, it offers regular connections with France and Europe, making it one of the main gateways to the south of Corsica.


The vineyards of Figari are among the oldest in Corsica, with vines dating back to Roman times. Today, the commune's wines are renowned and are part of the appellation Figari PDO Corsica.

Make the most of your stay to meet passionate winegrowers and taste the famous Niellucciu, Vermentinu and Sciaccarellu grape varieties. The many vineyards and estates in the area invite you to savour wines matured in oak barrels, a testament to the Figaro winegrowing tradition.

Explore Figari and be enchanted by its rich natural, cultural and wine heritage.

At the heart of a nature reserve

Figari is privileged with its magnificent 800-hectare coastline, nestling in the heart of the Bouches de Bonifacio Nature Reserve . Its unspoilt coastline is characterised by the absence of built-up areas, offering a natural landscape of exceptional beauty.

Fans of windsurfing and kitesurfing are particularly fond of the spot on the Gulf of Figari, an area that benefits from the libeccio that frequently blows in from the south-west.

The Bouches de Bonifacio Nature Reserve has plenty to offer nature lovers. Hikers can follow the signposted paths winding through unspoilt countryside, discovering a wide variety of flora and fauna.

But this space is a fragile and precious ecosystem where every step counts. The waymarked trails offer walkers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a nature that is both diverse and vulnerable. It is essential to follow these marked paths with care, avoiding disturbance to natural habitats and observing the strict rules established to protect this exceptional biodiversity.

By respecting these essential principles, we are preserving not only the natural beauty of this area, but also the sustainability of these unique ecosystems for future generations.

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