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Sensory experience

The most beautiful heritage

A city steeped in history, Porto-Vecchio is an unforgettable place to visit at any time of year, inviting you to immerse yourself in its exceptional heritage.

A journey through time

Let us take you on an immersive journey to discover its treasures, witness to the imprint of mankind from the Bronze Age to the present day. Every stone tells a story, every street corner reveals a past rich in emotion and discovery. Prepare to be carried away by this journey through time, where the vestiges of the past blend harmoniously with contemporary life, making Porto-Vecchio a place apart, vibrant with stories and legends to share.

Stone and history: megalithic and Torrean civilisations

Let's go back to the dawn of humanity with "the lady of Bonifacio", the first known human being to have trodden these lands thousands of years ago. Her enigmatic presence opens the door to an unparalleled historical adventure. Corsica, with its rich prehistory, was the cradle of megalithic and Torrean civilisations, the remains of which continue to amaze visitors in the 21st century.

Among these priceless traces of the past are the archaeological sites of Tappa, Araghju and Cucuruzzu. These jewels of built heritage plunge us into the heart of a distant era when our ancestors shaped stone to erect extraordinary structures. Imagine walking along the ancient paths, admiring the fortified enclosures that bear witness to the daily lives of these vanished peoples, feeling the presence of the ancient craftsmen who carved their history in stone.

Immerse yourself in the Genoese influence

As you drive along the coastline, you can't help but be impressed by the Genoese towers that stand majestically along the coastline. These towers, which date back several centuries, were essential for protecting the coast from maritime incursions. Their robust architecture and strategic position bear witness to the ingenuity of the Genoese.

The citadels of Porto-Vecchio or Bonifacio are architectural gems that tell the fascinating story of Corsica. Standing proudly on the heights of the town, these imposing structures once served as bastions of defence against enemy attacks. Today, they offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

Treasures of eternity

The rural world, so harsh and demanding, has seen the birth of solid buildings, steeped in history and ancestral know-how: mills (u fragnonu)There are also a number of old buildings, such as the "forru" (an oven), "a funtana" (a fountain), "u stazzu" (a sheepfold) and "orii" (a sheepfold). However, behind these thick walls lies much more than a simple architectural heritage.

In the heart of our villages and hamlets, you'll discover the day-to-day lives of farmers, faced with the vagaries of the climate and the challenges of the land. These inhabitants, who were once bound to their agropastoral labours, have managed to preserve their values and their attachment to this exceptional land. This solidarity is imprinted in the walls of these houses, which have seen generations and hardships go by.

So, as you browse through our villages steeped in history , here you'll experience the very essence of pastoral life, connecting with unspoilt nature.

Explore these sites, listen to the whisper of the wind between the stones, and let yourself be carried away by this unforgettable adventure through time. Whether you're on your own, with family or friends, these visits will leave you with unforgettable memories, engraved forever in your mind. Come and discover the built heritage of Porto-Vecchio and the surrounding region and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience.

We like

Time travel. A unique feeling of being immersed in history.

An experience accessible to everyone, all year round. Whatever the season, you can discover our rich heritage at your own pace.

The identity and memory of our region. A heritage that makes us proud of our roots and our culture.

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