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60 €

Pianottoli Diving

Dreaming of a privileged dive? Diving Private offers a unique vision of diving: small group dives (6 people max) or 100 private % dives departing from Bonifacio, Pianottoli and Tizzano. Professionals who listen. Top-of-the-range equipment.

Would you like to dive in the best possible conditions?
Les équipes de Pianottoli Diving ont apporté au monde de la plongée leur Vision Unique :
- Explorations, baptisms and training courses in small groups and private 100% sessions
- Experienced, passionate teams of professionals trained to manage apprehension
- Top-of-the-range equipment from mask to fins
- Dive centre by the sea with private pontoon, easy access!
- Exclusive dive sites in the reserve zone
Our ambition: to give you a really good time at prices to suit all budgets!
Areas served : Bonifacio / Pianottoli / Tizzano

Baptism Sea Small Committee: 80 € - Exploration Small Committee: 60 € (excluding equipment + 20 € full) - Training Level 1: from 240 € for 3 sessions.

Useful information

Accessible - Reduced mobility

Facilities and services

  • Wifi Internet access
  • Sustainable development equipment
  • Waste management
  • Car park
  • Coach parking


Single ticket price: from €60.

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