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Event in the spotlight
Events in the spotlight
Discover the major events in Porto-Vecchio: cultural festivities, concerts, sporting events and must-see entertainment. Experience Porto-Vecchio at its best!
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Discover the most beautiful walks in southern Corsica
Whether you're with family or friends, an outdoor sports enthusiast or a heritage lover, our itineraries will meet all your expectations.
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Markets and fairs
Immerse yourself in the colourful and friendly atmosphere of the markets
In the south of Corsica, markets abound throughout the week. Whatever the day, you'll always find a lively market where you can meet the region's local producers and craftspeople.
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Culture and heritage
Explore the rich history of the Porto-Vecchio region
Our land of mystery is brimming with archaeological sites, historical remains and museums that will take you back through the fascinating eras of the Isle of Beauty.
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The emotionsthe most largeare enjoyed in small groups

If you don't like half-measures, if you want to enjoy an unforgettable sensory and cultural experience, whatever the season and especially off-season, let's get together and share our passion for culture. an exceptional corsican experience!



We invite you to immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience, discovering the region's vineyards. As you travel, you'll be transported through time, history, culture and the emotions that lie behind every bottle of wine, in the company of the men and women who bring these lands to life.


In the heart of the maquis

Close your eyes for a moment and let the intoxicating scent of Mediterranean plants gently caress your nostrils. Imagine yourself wandering along the winding paths, at any time of year, enveloped in the magic of Corsican nature.



How would you like to explore our heritage? Witness to our history, Corsica's heritage is rich in diversity: prehistoric villages, Genoese towers and citadels, Romanesque chapels, ovens, mills, fountains, orii, etc. History has left its mark everywhere.

U nosciu rughjonu

Explore our region

Here, in the extreme south of Corsica, between U Spidali and Portivechju, between Alta Rocca and Bonifaziu, passing through the plain of Figari, something unique has happened. By blending together, water and rock have multiplied the wonders of nature and turned us mountain dwellers into conquerors of the sea.


The Alta Rocca is a mid-mountain area bounded by the massifs of Bavella the Ospedale and the Cuscionu culminating in the Alcudina at an altitude of 2134 metres.

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Set off to discover Zonza and Sainte Lucie de Porto-Vecchio, one commune, two villages, stretching from the mountains to the sea. At the crossroads of the Alta Rocca,

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Nestling in the heart of the grandiose scenery of the Aiguilles de Bavella and its 10 kilometres of coastline, including 5 kilometres of magnificent beaches, the unspoilt commune of Lecci offers you an enchanting place to stay.

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Welcome to Sotta, a pretty village typical of southern Corsica, between Porto-Vecchio and Figari. Known for its picturesque atmosphere, Sotta boasts a rich architectural heritage and a large number of pretty hamlets.

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There's so much here that you don't know where to start... Welcome to Portivechju, one of the must-visit towns in the far south of Corsica.

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Discover Figari, a little gem in the south of Corsica, between Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio. This charming village has everything to seduce you.

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Monacia d'Aullène

Welcome to Monacia d'Aullène, a charming village typical of southern Corsica, which is also part of the ancient Freto bay.

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Pianottoli-Caldarello is a charming village in the ancient Freto bay, formerly part of the Zérubia municipality. Until 1921, the village was known as Caldarello.

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Bonifacio's reputation as a "picturesque capital", as the writer Antoine Pasquin brilliantly put it, sums up in a few words the intense sensations and unforgettable memories of this exceptional town, nicknamed the "City of Cliffs".

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