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Bavella Canyon

Enjoy canyoning in some of Corsica's most beautiful canyons in the heart of the Massif de Bavella. Ponds of clear green water, slides, waterfalls, jumps and abseils, set off on an adventure with a team of qualified instructors! For children aged 7 and over.

Nature offers us three superb canyons, each one different from the next: the Pulischellu, which is the most fun, the Purcaraccia, undoubtedly the most beautiful, and the Vacca, the wildest.

Pulischellu: a natural recreational aqua land in the heart of the Bavellla peaks.
The Pulischellu, with its turquoise pools, offers a wide range of jumps and waterfalls.
slides. Great for families, groups or friends.

Purcaraccia: a natural wonder, the Purcaraccia is a canyon with large slides, hanging basins and two large waterfalls over 40m high to abseil down. A magnificent setting for an unforgettable descent.

Vacca: Situated at the bottom of a gorge, this "real canyon" is very aquatic and wild because there are no hikers. Swimming in emerald waters, jumps, slides and 15m abseiling make for an exceptional canyon!

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Single ticket price: €50 to €60.

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