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Guided and/or commented tour

What if the Walls Spoke? The secrets of Porto-Vecchio under the stars

Discover the town of Porto-Vecchio from a new angle with our night-time guided tour "Et si les murs parlaient? A journey back in time through the illuminated streets of the town.

As you discover the historic sites of Porto-Vecchio, you'll learn all about the town's hidden history, secrets and mysteries. From the Citadel to the cobbled streets of the old town, this night-time tour will plunge you into a magical atmosphere, where the walls seem to come alive and tell you their story.
With tales of Porto-Vecchio's famous characters, the battles that took place here and the secrets that lurk behind the closed doors, this night-time guided tour is an unforgettable experience that is sure to charm you.
Don't miss this opportunity to discover the mystical beauty of Porto-Vecchio after dark.

Plein tarif : 10 €, Groupe adultes : 8 €. Gratuit pour les moins de 12 ans. Tarif groupe à partir de 15 personnes.

July 2023


Rue du général Leclerc BP 92


From 01/07 to 30/09, every Monday.

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