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Alta rocca

A Tarra di i Signori


The Alta Rocca is a mid-mountain area bounded by the massifs of Bavella the Ospedale and the Cuscionu culminating in the Alcudina at an altitude of 2134 metres.

This region offers a breathtaking diversity of landscapes, home to an exceptional wealth of flora and fauna.

With 9,000 years of history, this unique and rich territory is one of the oldest inhabited places in Corsica. Named “the land of lords” dating back to the Middle Ages, the region is made up of 16 villages, each with its own unique attractions. These villages are brimming with natural and heritage treasures, such as ovens, bridges, mills and fountains, bearing witness to the region's rich and diverse history. Romanesque churches, chapels and convents are also remarkable examples of preserved architectural styles.

Explore the Alta Rocca and immerse yourself in its exceptional cultural and natural heritage. Discover the unique charms of each village and marvel at the nobility of this mountainous region.

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Hiking around the Alta Rocca


Discover the most beautiful walks in the south of Corsica, close to...
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Located in the heart of the Corsica Regional Nature Park, the Alta Rocca is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. This unspoilt region is home to many world-renowned wonders, offering sites of remarkable wild beauty.

The Alta Rocca offers a privileged natural setting for long walks rich in discovery. From numerous paths signposted trails are available to explore this exceptional area. The local footpaths, formerly mule tracks, have been preserved and developed as tourist itineraries. Visit Mare a Mare is an all-year-round route that crosses the region from west to east.

And that's not all: this region also has a lot to offer a whole host of activities unforgettable thrills. From canyoning and climbing to mountain biking, water trekking and via ferrata, there's something to suit all tastes and abilities.

Enjoy unique experiences at the heart of the unspoilt nature of the Land of Lords. Let yourself be carried away by the adventure and create unforgettable memories. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or simply looking for a nature break, the Alta Rocca will meet all your expectations!

to touch : The hidden treasures of the Alta Rocca

The Alta Rocca, a land of archaeological excavations, is packed with ancient sites including Cucuruzzu and Capula. Situated on the Levie plateau, you'll make mystical discoveries that will transport you back in time. More recently, exceptional finds from the First Iron Age have been made at the site of Cuciurpula in Serra-di-Scopamena and Sorbollano.

In the village of Levie, you can visit the Alta Rocca Museum. A captivating dive into history, with unique artefacts and interactive exhibitions. Let yourself be surprised by the cultural wealth of the region all in one place. A hotbed of resistance, the micro-region is also home to a museum of the Resistance in Zonza bearing witness to the history of the 1939-1945 war.

Discover the region's remarkable buildings through the entire heritage of Sainte-Lucie-de-Tallano and Serra-di-Scopamena. These trails will guide you through places steeped in history: appreciate the architectural achievements that bear witness to the cultural identity of the Alta Rocca!


Zonza sainte Lucie de Porto-Vecchio


Discover Zonza and Sainte Lucie de Porto-Vecchio, one commune, two villages...
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June 2024

Les courses à l’hippodrome de Viséo

Sports competition

September 2024

Alta Rocca Trail – Quenza 2024

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November 2024

Les artisans de la préhistoire – L’artigiano di a preistoria

Guided and/or commented tour

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December 2024

Randonnée et initialion au Zhi neng Qi gong à Bavella

Initiation / discovery as part of an event

listen: between faith and tradition a unique atmosphere...

Come and meet the producers, craftspeople and designers at the Fair of Santa Lucia di Tallà or on the markets San Gavino di Carbini and Santa Lucia di Portivechju.

In summer, a equestrian Sunday at the Viseu racecourse, the highest in Europe, a unique atmosphere!

On 5 August in Bavedda, the pilgrimage of Notre Dame des Neiges.

Take a trip back in time to the Middle Ages with the Levie Medieval Festival in September.

To taste: the cradle of a pastoral tradition millennium

Whatever the altitude of the Alta Rocca, it has always been a welcoming land for pastoralists, who have forged the culture, gastronomy and crafts that are still the wealth of the region today.

Even today, you can immerse yourself in the world of agropastoral farming by discovering the farm hostels of Zonza, Quenza and Levie and taste the iconic products from the region: olive oil, wine, honey, cold meats, cheese, etc.

Between authenticity and quality, the Alta Rocca has managed to preserve its traditional skills. The Lotus cutlery shop and the workshop of Stéphane Degilhene, wood sculptor, are places not to be missed in the village of Levie. 

Finally, you can enjoy olive oil straight from the mill in Sainte-Lucie de Tallano or Olmiccia.


Protecting Bavella Massif is protecting the wilderness means preserving a natural treasure of inestimable value. Its flora and fauna are unique, home to rare and vulnerable species. As we discover this unspoilt paradise, let's be aware of the importance of preserve these fragile ecosystems and travel responsibly.

The Bavedda massif is the last stage of the GR 20 before arriving at the stage village of Conca. It is also the starting point for a number of hikes, although access is restricted due to overcrowding in summer.


The village of Zonza, true junction of the Alta Rocca and a remarkable viewpoint of the Aiguilles de Bavedda.

On the road to Ajaccio, stop off at Quenza, Surbuddà, Sarra di Scopamena, Zirubia and Auddè is essential.

On the way to Sartène: the villages of San Gavinu di Carbini, Livia, Santa Lucia di Tallà, Ulmiccia ...

The village of Carbini and the descent to the A Fretu plain via the Col de Bacinu.


In Zonza, the church of Santa Maria Assunta.

From Quenza, a bucolic walk on the Cuscio plateau in spring.

In Levie, take a stroll through the heart of the village and visit the Alta Rocca museum.

At U Pianu di Livia, the archaeological sites of Cucuruzzu and Capula.

Santa Lucia di Tallà, famous for its orbicular diorites, olive oil production and hot springs.

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