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Le sentier du patrimoine de Sainte Lucie de Tallano : une promenade immersive dans l’histoire corse

The Santa Lucia di Tallà heritage trail is a must if you want to discover the region's rich past. This trail will take you through one of the historic olive groves that bear witness to the importance of this crop in the Corsican economy.

Indeed, Santa Lucia di Tallà olive oil is renowned for its exceptional quality, and several producers are still carrying on this tradition today.
Every year, a fair dedicated to the olive tree is held in the village to celebrate this emblematic crop, A Festa di l'Oliu Novu (the olive oil festival).
Starting from the main square and the large fountain, the path takes you to Sant'Andria, a medieval hamlet that has managed to retain all its authenticity. A "Torra", a fortified house built to protect the population, bears witness to Corsica's tormented history and stands proudly overlooking the Rizzanesi valley.
Continuing along the path, you will come to the restored fountain and wash-house of Sant'Andria, where women used to come to fetch water and wash their clothes.
Further down, the path leads to the village's ancestral oven. This is where everyone gathers at fair time for the traditional baking of bread. Don't miss Stéphane Deguilhem's sculpture of a bird of prey carved out of a chestnut tree trunk watching over the oven.
The path then crosses a working olive grove before leading you to the fully restored Fragnonu paddle mill, where you can discover all the stages in the production of olive oil.
In short, the Santa Lucia di Tallà Heritage Trail is an unforgettable experience that will immerse you in the history and culture of this charming village in our region and its centuries-old olive groves.

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