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La Tour Génoise de Rondinara

or Sponsaglia Tower was built in 1619 to protect the coral traders from the barbarian threat. Only the relatively well-preserved base remains.

Its history
It was part of a group of fortifications that protected the territory of Porto Vecchio, along with the Fautea, Pianrellu, Benedettu and San Ciprianu towers. Thanks to these watchtowers, the inhabitants could observe the sea horizon and sound the alarm in the event of a pirate approach. The Genoese towers are physical evidence of the defensive organisation and defence of Corsica against barbarian invasions.
Today, their silhouettes have become typical symbols of the Corsican coastline.

Its architecture
Like all the Genoese towers in Corsica, it had two levels and a terrace: the first level contained a cistern to collect rainwater and the second level was the guards' living quarters. An interior staircase led up to the terrace. Only the base remains today.

How to get there
After passing the village of Suartonu, take the partially concreted track. It is best to leave your vehicle on the side of the track before it descends. From here, the walk begins by taking the same wide, sandy track down towards the tower.

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