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Ceccia, site archéologique de l’âge du Bronze

Just 5 minutes from Porto-Vecchio, a short path in the centre of the village will take you to a circular monument about 12 m in diameter dating from 1350 BC. The view from here is exceptional.

To the south-west, overlooking the village of Ceccia, founded in the 19th century, a 20-minute walk will take you to the prehistoric site. Isolated on this unfortified eminence, it dates back to the 14th century BC. This Bronze Age casteddu would have been reused in the Middle Ages.

It stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking the plain to the south of Porto-Vecchio. The preserved part is an irregular cylinder in the mass of which is a circular room 2 m in diameter with a false corbelled vault, partly preserved. The chamber continues eastwards through a diverticulum that reaches the face of the monument. Access to this chamber is via a ramp leading from the upper platform, which originally supported other structures of which only a few wall remains. This monument, which has only been preserved in its lower part, underwent major alterations during the Genoese period.

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