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L’Omu di Cagna

Stroll along the mountain paths and discover one of the curiosities of southern Corsica: the Omu di Cagna rock, shaped like a man's headL

Legend has it that he protects the mountains while the lion of Roccapina watches over the sea: "l'Omu di Cagna à dittu à u lionu di Roccapina oiu vardu la muntagna è tu vardi la marina".
The Cagna mountain used to be a summer pasture for flocks, and the PRESARELLA sheepfolds can still be found here, not far from the Monaco pass. You can also visit the old Omu di Cagna forest house and its bread oven. In terms of flora, the area is home to the only population of peonies endemic to Corsica, found around the Bitalza sheepfolds. The massif is also home to the extremely rare one-flowered pyrolea (Noreses unifloral), which can only be found in 5 other places on the island.

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