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Musée de la Résistance de Zonza

Discover the heroic story of the Corsican Resistance at the Museum of the Resistance in Zonza. Immerse yourself in the Second World War through authentic documents. Exemplary acts of courage await you in this place of remembrance.

Immerse yourself in history at the Musée de la Résistance in Zonza. This place of remembrance offers a unique immersive experience, instantly transporting you to the tumult of the Second World War. From the moment you arrive, you'll be gripped by the atmosphere, surrounded by carefully crafted models, mannequins dressed in period uniforms and authentic military equipment. Period photographs and newspapers will immerse you in the events as they were experienced at the time.

You'll be deeply moved to discover the views of Fascist Italy over Corsica, the streets occupied by Italian and German troops, and the clandestine networks and heroic resistance battles waged by the people of the Alta Rocca. These relics steeped in history tell of the sacrifices, courage and determination of those who fought for the freedom of their land.

Corsica, so aptly named "The Island of the Righteous", was the only département not to have any Jews deported or killed during the Holocaust, hidden by the local population with the help of the prefect and his administration, and was the first French département to be liberated.

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