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Sainte Lucie de Porto-Vecchio

La Tour Génoise de Pinarellu

Perched on the island of Pinarellu, also known as Isula di Corsi, "the island of the corsairs", the Genoese tower of Pinarello was built at the end of the 16th century and is one of eight towers within the jurisdiction of Bonifacio.

Its history
It was part of a group of fortifications that protected the territory of Porto Vecchio, along with the Fautea, Pianrellu, Benedettu and San Ciprianu towers. Thanks to these watchtowers, the inhabitants could observe the sea horizon and sound the alarm in the event of a pirate approach. The Genoese towers are physical evidence of the defensive organisation and defence of Corsica against barbarian invasions.
Today, their silhouettes have become typical symbols of the Corsican coastline.
To preserve this special heritage and open it to the public, the Conservatoire du Littoral, with the help of sponsors, has partially restored the tower.

Its architecture
Its originality lies in the fact that, along with the Porto tower, it is the only square tower in southern Corsica.
Like all the Genoese towers in Corsica, it had two levels and a terrace: the first level contained a cistern to collect rainwater and the second level was the guards' living quarters. An internal staircase led up to the terrace, which was surrounded by a parapet and had a sentry box in the south-east corner.
The architecture of the towers is both minimalist (responding to a particular need and built quickly without superfluity) and highly representative of Genoese defensive military architecture of the 16th and 17th centuries.

How to get there
Access on foot to the Genoese tower perched on the islet is difficult. After walking along Pinarello beach and the pine forest, follow the customs path and cross the inlet (1m deep).

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