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U Furneddu et la tour génoise d’Olmetu

You'll discover a beautifully indented shoreline where the well-preserved, fully plastered tower of Olmetu, built in the 16th century, takes pride of place. The name Ulmeto is a reminder of a vanished abalone tree. View of the village and the remarkable Omu di Cagna.

Departure point : On the T40, go past Monacia d'Aullène towards Sartène, and turn left onto the track leading to the remarkable Furnellu lake (Z.N.I.E.F.F.). From the ruined building, climb the small wall and take the wide path ahead.

Pretty, wild coves along the way are perfect for swimming and kayaking. The paths of this hike take you through coastal scrub dominated by myrtle, arbutus, heather, Phoenician juniper, holm oak...
The path leads to "A Punta di Caniscionu" and its Mesolithic site dating back to 8,500 BC. You'll then reach the wide, sandy beach of Mucchju Biancu, which is open to the sea and exposed to strong winds that produce roaring rollers.

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