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Le sentier du belvédère de Roccapina

It's a real plunge into the undergrowth... and yet it's impossible to get lost: just follow the path down below the cantonnière house and you'll discover some wonders long buried under the vegetation and brought to light again.

As well as the scenic views from the pass, the charm of this walk lies not in the vast expanses but in the beauty of the small, subtly landscaped areas, where the encounter between the walker and nature is intimate, in the presence of an elephant as massive as it is direct.
From cisterns to Oriu for man or beast, from sheep pens to high-perched defence posts, all that remained was to emphasise the line, to imagine a sensory stroll along the rock face, sometimes under the dark canopies of the maquis, sometimes on the sunlit rocky belvederes inhabited by tiliguerta lizards. Now that these facilities have been completed, it's up to you to discover their appeal.

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