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Le sentier de Piscia di Ghjaddu

At the end of this interpretation trail (Laricciu pines, "sentinel" rock, rock shelters, etc.), you'll discover a marvellous waterfall called "A Piscia di Ghjaddu", which springs from a mineral wall to make a 70-metre drop.

The Piscia di Ghjaddu waterfall (in Corsican: cascade du sapin, the name ghjaddu comes from the word ghjaddicu meaning fir tree) is located in the Ospedale massif.

Start: 4 km after the Ospedale dam towards Zonza (D 368). Pay car park.

Access to the waterfall is via a path from this car park.

The path crosses a wooden bridge a few hundred metres from the car park, before opening out into open countryside and overlooking the river that feeds the waterfall a little further on.

The 2nd part is an easy path under the pines to a small stream to cross.

The waterfall is behind the hill, a 15-minute walk away. On the way, don't miss the "Sentinel" rock and its panoramic view.

Past the rock shelter, you'll be at the top of the waterfall.

To reach the bottom of the waterfall, the path has been improved, but beware the descent is steep and requires great vigilance.

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