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Le sentier de l’étang d’Arasu

Punta d'Arasu closes off the bay of San Ciprianu to the north. At the back of the bay, protected by a lido, there was once a beautiful lagoon that a development project has transformed into a succession of geometrically shaped ponds.

The result is an impression of strangeness, of nature that is both wild and controlled. The succession of these three elements - high mound, lido and ponds - forms a site of remarkable diversity.
At the top of the peak, you can see not only the bay of San Ciprianu, but also the Gulf of Porto Vecchio, which opens out to the south.
The diversity of landscapes is matched by a mosaic of environments of remarkable biological interest: banks of posidonia, lagoon cordon, small marshes, salt ponds, salt meadows, temporary pools tinged with the red of glasswort.
Many birds congregate around the ponds. Reptiles and amphibians also share the area.

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