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Sainte Lucie de Porto-Vecchio

Le sentier de Lavu Santu

The Fautea tower is the starting point for a walk along a customs path that runs along the coast to the nearby Lavu Santu beach, a long sandy beach 900 m long (extending south to the mouth of the Cavu).

It is also known as "America's beach" because it was the scene of NATO manoeuvres.
These beaches are ideal for snorkelling enthusiasts; Lavu Santu beach is not recommended for children, as it gets very deep very quickly.

When you see the Genoese tower on your right, park alongside the road, then go through the barrier leading to the beach and follow the marked path. After a few minutes' walk, the path splits in two. To go up to the Genoese tower, turn left; for the beach, go straight on. For the Lavu Santu beach, follow the customs path that leaves the beach on the right for 30 minutes.

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